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Meet the Experienced Jones Financial Partners Team

Jones Financial Partners consists of experienced Certified Financial Planners who share a holistic approach that empowers clients to achieve their financial goals with confidence and clarity. From the initial-conversation, where we listen and then advise, we will use our expertise to align your aspirations with a tailored strategy designed to help you live your desired lifestyle. We will do all of the heavy lifting and exceed expectations with a proactive approach that’s built on transparency, so you can focus on what’s important in your life.

Proactive Value and Communication that Exceed Expectations

Proactive value and communication are at the forefront of our priorities and we will always go the extra mile to ensure that clients are informed and prepared. This approach fosters a transparent and reassuring client experience, guided by an advisor who can help them plan for every aspect of their financial lives.

Holistic Financial Planning That Helps You <em><strong>Focus on Life&#8217;s Priorities</strong></em>

Holistic Financial Planning That Helps You Focus on Life’s Priorities

Through decades of experience, our financial advisors provide a comprehensive perspective to help you address and accelerate your progress towards your goals. This enables you to focus your attention on the priorities that matter most in your life, while we manage the financial strategy.

<em><strong>Full Transparency</strong></em> and Counsel That Gives You <br/>Financial Confidence

Full Transparency and Counsel That Gives You
Financial Confidence

With unwavering commitment, we promise full transparency about our firm, process, principles, and fees. We firmly believe in the transformative value and confidence our services provide, always going beyond the call of duty for our clients. Our certified financial planners will work closely with you for maximized transparency and walk with you in lockstep with trusted guidance throughout your financial journey.

Our Values: The Bedrock of Our Holistic Approach

We prioritize your needs in all our endeavors, and our core values are a testament to this commitment. Our team is wholeheartedly dedicated to embracing and nurturing these values to help you pursue what matters most.

Proactive Value & Communication

We prioritize proactive value and communication to ensure that clients are informed and prepared, so you always know what’s on the horizon.

Practice Holistic Financial Planning

Our experienced team of advisors shares a holistic view that fully encompasses all aspects of your financial well-being, preparing you for financial success.

Transparent Through the Process

We are transparent about A-Z of our services and are committed to delivering exceptional value and confidence beyond expectations.

Foundation of

We will discover your current situation and your goals in our first conversation, following our commitment to understand your needs and align our recommendations with your best interests.

Discovering A-Z of <em><strong>Your Financial Goals</strong></em> and Unique Circumstances

Discovering A-Z of Your Financial Goals and Unique Circumstances

Everything begins with our initial conversation, where we prioritize listening before advising. Here, we dive deep to uncover your needs, wants, and goals, laying the foundation for a financial strategy crafted to reflect your unique circumstances. No stone will be left unturned as we work diligently to help you reach your financial aspirations.

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What to Expect on Your Financial Journey

1. Initial Meeting

To start, we will have a discovery meeting - either in person, on the phone, or over Zoom - to help us analyze your current financial situation.

2. Meet Your Team

Second, you will meet your new team and their role in developing your financial plan.

3. Develop a Plan

From here, we'll present our recommendations and implement our services.

4. Monitor & Adjust

Next, we will monitor your plan on an on-going basis, and make adjustments when needed.

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Our integrity and personalized team service, rooted in a long-standing culture of achievement, enable us to foster trust and forge lasting, genuine friendships.

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